12 January, 2008

Morning Star Learning Centre - India

Morning Star Children's Home:
Morning Star Children's Home was started by John Samson 18 years ago. He found a starving 2 year old child thrown in a filthy rubbish bin. He took the child and built a "shed" with tin, asbestos sheets and rejected concrete blocks. It was smaller than a dumpster and resembled a kennel.

He then found more children on railway tracks, in quarries and in the street. Many of them had physical or mental disabilities.

John took them all in - and begged for help to feed them. There are no conditions - regardless of caste or creed - any starving child on the street is welcome.

From such humble beginnings Morning Star is continues to be a beacon of hope. We were very happy to be there for the opening the Morning Star Learning Centre's new building.

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