24 April, 2010

These are the numbers of animals killed worldwide by the meat, egg, and dairy industries every year. These numbers do NOT include the many millions of animals killed each year in vivisection laboratories. They do NOT include the millions of dogs and cats killed in animal shelters every year. They do NOT include the animals who died while held captive in the animal-slavery enterprises of circuses, rodeos, zoos, and marine parks. They do NOT include the animals killed while pressed into such blood sports as bullfighting, cockfighting, dogfighting, and bear-baiting, nor do they include horses and greyhounds who were exterminated after they were no longer deemed suitable for racing.

Estimating Slaughter of Marine Animals

Most animal-rights organizations will shun entirely the matter of quantifying marine-animal slaughter. That's because, in truth, it's impossible to predict with much precision how many marine animals are killed annually for food. The world's fisheries record their catches in terms of metric tons, not the numbers of individuals that animal-rights groups are concerned about.

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