15 July, 2010

Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan Launched

Press Release:
For immediate release,  July 2010

Download the report from here (8.4MB). Purchase a hard copy here.

As our state and federal governments announce climate policies that will result in little effect to Australia’s rising greenhouse gas emissions, a cutting-edge new report released on Wednesday July 14 shows that a 100 per cent renewable electricity supply system implemented in Australia in 10 years is technically feasible and affordable.

A huge crowd filling the seats and the aisles was shown the details of this plan, put together by researchers from Beyond Zero Emissions and the University of Melbourne Energy Institute.

Beyond Zero Emissions Executive Director and lead author Matthew Wright says the new PM must consider the Zero Carbon Australia report’s findings when developing government climate policy.

“All parties must incorporate findings from the Zero Carbon Australia plan into its climate policy. Our research shows that baseload renewable energy is now available and that Australia can get started building a renewable energy system, right now, today,” says Matthew Wright.

Australia needs a nation-building climate change project with the scale and vision of a Snowy Mountains Scheme for the 21st Century. We can repower our economy with 100 per cent renewable energy, and set ourselves up for energy security and prosperity” says Wright.

Download the report from here (8.4MB). Purchase a hard copy here.

For further information and comment: Matthew Wright, 0421 616 733 

Alternative contact: Pablo Brait, 0421 011 182

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