19 September, 2010

Oscar's Law - Encourage people to adopt animals from shelters, pounds and rescue organisations Abolish the mass production of dogs - Make factory farming of dogs illegal

Oscar was rescued from appalling conditions at a puppy farm in Central Victoria, Australia.

Oscar suffered terribly and had infected ears, dental disease and inflamed infected gums, his fur was so matted it felt like concrete and his skin was barely visible. Once his matted fur was shaved under general anesthetic due to the pain he was in, his skin was covered in abscesses caused by grass seeds.

Oscars freedom was short lived. Days after his rescue police raided an animal activist's home and seized Oscar and returned him to the puppy farm.

We need your help to get justice for Oscar and other dogs like him who are factory farmed in Australia.

We need all of you to SPEND 5 MINUTES A DAY to lobby both the Liberal and Labour parties and call for an inquiry into the factory farming of dogs. We want Oscar’s Law. The current legislation is not working, it has never worked since it was introduced in 1994.


Abolish the mass production of dogs. Make factory farming of dogs illegal

Ban the sale of animals from pet shops, online and in print media

Encourage people to adopt animals from shelters, pounds and rescue organisations

Work on increasing the re-homing rate in pounds and shelters and introduce the no-kill philosophy

Please Act


  1. Thanks for posting this Phil, and for all your and Trix's support of Oscar's Law.

  2. Hi Philip,

    It is a sad reality that the governments and police need waking up to this shocking treatment of dogs, but it is real and I applaud all you do to help the disadvantaged in this world. I only became aware of you and the dedicated efforts you put into helping wake up humanity since I was invited to be a speaker at the Adelaide Vegan Festival.

    I recently adopted two dogs that were unwanted at the RSPCA shelter in Broken Hill. My partner and I drove up there to save their lives 8 months ago and we now raise them on Vegan Pet dog food. It was sad for us to leave so many other dogs behind, but we have offered a loving existence to our boys(brothers) Tofu and Chickpea. You can see them both on my blog site...http://davidgcoles.wordpress.com/vegan-pets/

    It was one of those heart felt journeys to rescue these two beautiful dogs as I was born in Broken Hill(living there until age 2) and I went "home' to find them. And now we bring them up in my real home Adelaide. We came across them by chance and have never looked back as they bring so much joy into the lives of all who meet them.

    My partner and I will be volunteering to run the Veagn Pet stall at the Adelaide Vegan festival and Tofu and Chickpea will be there so come across and say hi. My partners name is Pip and my stepdaughter Jaz will be there also - we are all Vegans.

    Anyway, great to have made contact and I applaud your efforts in this world.

    David Coles.